Our Values

We believe in delivering outstanding, world class services to our business partners through our highly professional and friendly staff who exhibit our Company values:

  • Agile - We learn, innovate and apply effectively

  • Relational- We build strong relationships will those we deal with.

  • Tenacious - We go the extra mile to achieve the right results

What's in it for me?

  • Beyond challenging salaries, we recently launched our Employee Bonus Program which rewards team players who want to do that bit extra to win for themselves and CTS

  • Build your CV with varied work opportunities- our clients are the biggest organisations in Australia

  • Fully-paid training and industry certification. Over half of our staff have acquired the highly-recognised AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist qualification. There is more to come!

  • A friendly team culture coupled with organic growth. Our organisation has doubled in headcount in the last five years.

“I value the respect from others, and the trust my manager places in me”

“Our managers are some of the smartest people in our industry”

“The challenges are pushing our skills to new boundaries every day”

“We have a pride in our work and our colleagues”

“Great people, and a leader who is passionate about the employees and their personal and professional growth”

Employee Value Proposition

Our people are our greatest asset.


We at CTS want to grow the next leaders of the business through our dedicated focus on training, personal development and empowerment.

How do we do this?

  • We spend approx. 11% of our employee salaries on training which is far above the average of 1%. We look for opportunities to invest in our staff

  • We have an inclusive and diverse workforce, with a variety of industries and ethnicities represented. We look for people with the best ideas

  • We understand we are a customer service organisation first and foremost. We look for people who have a thirst for interaction with others

  • We hire people who we believe can be business partners. We value innovators and architects who drive the future direction of CTS.

Dont just listen to us....

In our 2019 HR Survey, CTS recorded a total satisfaction rating of 82% among its staff, with highlights being "relationship with and competency of reporting manager" (4.65), job security (4.41) and "passion working for CTS" (4.3)​


This is what our staff say:


“CTS is more like a family to me”

“They leverage more of my potential some of which unknown to me”

“There is real care and support from other team members”  

“I really appreciate the amount of freedom I have”

“CTS provides mentorship and guidance”

"Seven years has flown by! Before starting with CTS all those years ago I spent the better part of three years at an events company that, whilst being good experience early in my career, was an education in burnout! Prior to working for CTS, sacrificing personal life (not to mention a whole lot of sleep) was an unspoken expectation, and praise for a job well done was rare.  So coming to CTS was a bit of a culture shock for me, because from the get-go, you guys went in bat for me and made me feel valued. In seven years I am very pleased to see that culture remain as strong as it was when I started. I can honestly say that those three years I spent at the previous company, felt longer than the past seven at CTS has!

I'm very grateful for the last seven years. Professional life (life in general for that matter) is made a whole lot easier and enjoyable when you have quality people around you, and I've been very fortunate in that regard."

 - Technology Specialist, WA.

2020 My Business Awards - Innovator of the Year, Winner

2020 Australian HR Awards- Employer of Choice 1-99 employees, Finalist 

2019 Australian HR Awards- Employer of Choice 1-99 employees, Finalist 
2019 Australian HR Awards- Best Learning & Development Program, Finalist 

2018 Australian HR Awards- HR Rising Star, Finalist

2018 BUILD Awards- Audio Visual Production Specialists (Winner)

2017 Australian HR Awards- Employer of Choice 1-99 Employees, Finalist

2017 BUILD Awards- Best On-Site/VC Provider (Winner)

2017 Crestron Best Project Design- Corporate Australia & NZ, Finalist 


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