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Workplaces have changed dramatically in the last few years. More than ever, people in the workplace expect to be able to connect and collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are in the world. But what does this mean for you, the person responsible for influencing the technology decisions in the business? Here are a few quick items to consider for your investment. If you'd like further information, use the form on the right to reach out, and one of our workplace technology consultants will be in touch. 


Let's talk!

Start by asking a few straightforward questions to the various stakeholders in the organisation - "Why are we investing in new meeting room technology?", "What do people want to achieve in these rooms", "What's the budget?". 

User Experience

  • Are you working to a room standard? Standards based rooms ensure that all of your meeting rooms look and behave the same way, which removes a lot of complexity in the user experience and also reduces maintenance costs. 

  • Do you have someone on hand who can be support meetings held in this space? For smaller organisations, it might be someone in your IT dept, for larger organisations, you may have dedicated people or even want to outsource this to an external company.

  • How much control are you hoping to give the user? Newer smart room technology incorporates occupancy sensors to turn the room lights and screens on automatically. Other options are to install a touch screen in the room that let's the user control everything themselves with a clean and simple GUI.

Consider Integration

Consider what some of the integrations might be needed?​

  • Does the equipment need to be networked? For example, this would give you monitoring and remote support options.

  • Will you be putting a room booking panel outside the room? 

  • Occupancy sensors - these can be used to automatically trigger events when people walk into the room, and they also help you track utilization of the room which is helpful when reporting on your rooms ROI

You are bound to have your own unique set of needs that don't necessarily match what we've written here. This is why we encourage you to reach out to chat with us. Use the form above to enter your details and we'll provide you with some more information.

We have an impressive list of clients in the corporate, government and education space who use our workplace technology installation, integration and consulting services. We'd love to speak to you about your business

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